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Process of how it works:

Greazly device is installed between the source of the lubricant and the lubricated element. It communicates wirelessly using normal cellular networks to provide a lubrication monitoring dashboard and reports that are accessible from every web browser on pc or mobile.

Device features:

  • Battery operated device 

  • Waterproof (IP65), sealed and resilient. 

  • Quick provisioning process. 

What you will see:

Greazly support both manual and automatic lubrication methods and deliver the following notifications: 

  • lubrication point profile including:

    • lubrication related technical information. best practice engineer recommendations

    • geo location of the lubrication point 

    • A picture and a description for easy identification.

  • Notification related to lubrication:

    • Dashboard and reports notifications for 

      • lubrication awareness status and related KPI’s

      • Manual lubrication (lubrication feedback, overdue dates) 

      • Automatic lubrication (No grease supply, lubrication blockage) 

  • Notifications related to device status (Battery/signal strength/communication link)

Greazly also enable robust historical lubrication data that enables:
  • Lubricants and lubricators consumption data driven forecast for efficient logistics chain of supplies and to verify that
    lubricants can be properly stocked and available when needed.

  • Lubrication historical data enabling information for breakdown investigation. 

  • Information about the machinery health and how the surroundings conditions effects its reliability.

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